Product Name:UV Tape
Application Industry:IC assembly
Contact Window:Steve Shih
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Supplier:Sumitomo Bakelite
Catalog:PDF Download
We supply normal and Anti-ESD UV tape that has good process-ability and dicing performance,Can cover most IC chip types.


1.Wafer sawing
2.Map package sawing

Project Performance

Wafer sawing , The main assembly apply for Flip chip, DRAM,Logic and Driving IC production. Package sawing , The main assembly apply for MapQFN
1.Wafer sawing ,The thickness includes 85um,90um ,110um , The width can prepare non and pre-cut type to match wafer size .

2.Package sawing ,The thickness includes 165um,170um,175um.220um. The width includes 150mm , 300umm & 400mm.